We design, build and scale high-end software products
Basis Labs is a development and advisory firm that delivers mission critical projects from startups to established technology companies.

We believe that to stand out, you need to start with the user experience and work backwards from there, with equal focus on design, engineering and product. We hold a highly holistic view on design, defining it as how a system works overall, not just how it looks or feels.

We build web/mobile apps, crypto integrations, backend systems as well as do architecture/scaling. We emphasize thinking from first principles and a strong understanding of software fundamentals and core primitives.
Our founder’s experience:
Lead the development of a platform that optimizes Spotify’s original content creation workflows across teams and offices.
Helped scale the backend of Spin, an e-scooter startup. Spin has been acquired by Ford for $100M.
Physiotherapy and medical training app development. Temedica is a pioneer startup in the preventative health space.
Designed, built and scaled a pricing algorithm from zero to handling ~$5M per month in bookings.
Development work on a cryptocurrency wallet. Decred adds hybrid PoW/PoS to Bitcoin, and is a top 50 cryptocurrency globally.
Past work featured in:
MIT Technology ReviewForbes